Sometimes, every day can seem like a busy day. Between work, errands, family, and other plans or obligations, you may find yourself constantly on the move. If you have a busy day ahead—any kind of busy day—how you prepare yourself (and your body) can make a difference. From focusing on hydration first thing to enjoying a low carb protein powder shake, you can give yourself a serious advantage and be ready for anything the day might toss your way. If you have a lot going on today or on any day ahead, here are a few simple ways you can get yourself energized and focused to take on the day with ease.

Start the Day with Ample Hydration 

We all know how important hydration can be. You may already drink plenty of water or other hydrating fluids during the day. But when it comes to starting the day on the right foot, hydration can play a key role right when you're getting up. Keep a glass of water (or your trusty water bottle) by the bed—not for staying hydrated during the night, but for enjoying a quenching drink right as you're getting up. For some people, a glass of water right as they get up for the day can be as useful as a cup of coffee. It can come with all kinds of benefits—from helping you feel more focused as you start your busy day to helping you feel fuller before you enjoy breakfast (resulting in eating less). If you're waking to a busy day, starting with hydration can be the way to go.

A Protein Powder Shake Can Get You Firing On All Cylinders 

A protein-forward breakfast can come with a lot of benefits, too. Higher protein diets can help support muscle strength along with metabolism. If your busy day means you're moving, these kinds of benefits can be invaluable. A low carb protein powder shake or smoothie is a great way to boost your daily protein intake without piling on a lot of carbs first thing (which have the potential to bring you down, rather than up). Another benefit of protein powder—and this includes multi collagen protein powder—is recovery. If you're busy and you're constantly on the move, recovery can be essential. From muscles to joints to tendons, every part of the body that is made to move can benefit from recovery. The more you can do to support recovery on busy days, the more you can do to give your body an advantage.

Before You Head Out, Meditate

While hydration and protein can both contribute to giving you what you need to tackle a busy day, they're only part of the equation. Another way you can feel more energized and focused before tackling a busy day is through meditation. It may mean finding a few minutes in the morning when you can find some alone time. It can include listening to calming or centering music, breathing exercises, or focus exercises. Meditation can vary from person to person, but the idea is to feel more centered before you head out. While many people may practice meditation at the end of the day, don't overlook the benefits of starting your day with meditation—especially if the day ahead is a busy one!

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