Our joints crave all the support we can give them. No matter your age, there are a lot of simple practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to make sure you’re caring for your joints. More support is the best way to continue doing the activities you love, year after year. As you age, your joints go through a lot. By focusing more on joint health, you can give your body the extra boost it needs to thrive. Here are four ways you can support your joints now and into the future.

Explore New Sources of Collagen

Collagen can be an essential part of maintaining healthy, happy joints. It’s a natural protein our bodies produce, from the hair on our heads to the nails on our toes. Collagen is also found in our joints. Adding a new source of collagen to your day may help give your joints some extra support. One source that could be beneficial is multi collagen protein powder. It’s a quick and efficient way to add multiple sources of collagen to your diet. This powder is perfect for adding to drinks (like coffee, tea, and broth) or foods (like yogurt, salad dressing, and soup).

Maintain a Joint Friendly Diet

Adding multi collagen protein powder to your diet can be a great way to support your joints. However, if you want to take it a few steps further, maintaining an overall joint-friendly diet can be beneficial, as well. Foods like salmon, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and berries can all be great for your joints. Stock and bone broth are other great choices, and they’re a fantastic source of collagen. The great thing about bone broth is that it can serve as a base for delicious meals like your favorite soup recipe. You can even use it to support your keto goals along with your joint-friendly diet. It’s never been easier to accomplish all your nutritional goals than with unflavored keto powder! Plus, it’s an excellent choice for helping maintain your energy levels.

Hobbies Keep You In Motion 

Your joints are made to move. When you maintain motion on a regular basis, you can help support your joints. One way to keep your body moving is to try some active hobbies that aren’t overly strenuous for your joints. Activities like gardening, hiking, pickleball, or golf can keep you moving and help enrich your life with fun experiences. These can be social activities or something you enjoy on your own time. Essentially, it can be anything you love to do that keeps your joints moving.

Keep On Moving and Moving Some More

While having hobbies that keep you moving can be beneficial to your joint health, there are many exercise options that offer even less impact on your joints. This can include biking, swimming, and walking. Sure, there can be a lot of crossover between what you might consider a hobby and what you might call exercise. The bottom line is, if you keep your body moving day after day, your joints can enjoy a bit of a boost. If keeping your exercise routine light and low-impact works best, that’s perfect. The goal is simply to keep at it.

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