As the days get warmer and the weather improves, you may be thinking about how you can increase your daily or weekly activity. It’s time to dust off your bike or invest in a fresh pair of running shoes. But before you head out on your next adventure, you want to give yourself every advantage you can. In other words, you don’t want to be unprepared.

When you’re getting back into your favorite spring activities, it can be easy to push yourself too hard too quickly. This can lead to discomfort or injury—which can force you to reduce your level of activity. What can you do to help ramp up activity without overdoing it? Here are a few tips for putting a spring in your step this season.

Identify Your Fitness and Activity Goals

Before you lace up your new running shoes, one of the best things you can do is identify your specific fitness or activity goals at the start. Maybe you want to run five miles by June. Or perhaps you want to participate in a race later this year. You could have a specific weight-loss goal, or you might want to gain muscle mass with a targeted workout regimen.

Once you state the focus of your wellness routine, it’s easier to plan the next steps. You can incorporate a protein or keto powder into your routine—if it complements your goals. Keto powder, for example, can be helpful if you’ve decided on some specific nutritional goals and fitness goals. Some of these goals can include weight management and increased physical energy.

Start at the Right Pace and Work Your Way Up

With your fitness clothes on, you’re eager to get moving. A common mistake people make when they start regular physical activity—especially as they ramp up activity—is pushing themselves too far in the beginning. You shouldn’t restrict yourself by any means. Pushing yourself is how you grow and get closer to your goals. But going too far beyond your limits comes with consequences.

Instead, set incremental goals you can achieve along the way. Focus on shorter sessions of activity like shorter jogs or runs, for example. Then gradually build on your progress. Week one could be focused on simply running a full mile nonstop. Week two or three could be focused on running two miles. You know your body best. Listen to what it has to say and set the “right” pace as you progress throughout your fitness journey.

Add a Recovery Powder to Your Routine

Before you start to unwind after a tiring workout, don’t forget about recovery! Recovery is another critical aspect of safely ramping up your spring activity. After a run, hike, or bike ride, always give your body a chance to cool down. Your recovery routine can include simple stretches and exercises, like side stretches and lunges, that keep you feeling great. You can even add a recovery powder into the mix.

Multi collagen protein powder is one example of a powder you can use to enhance your recovery routine. Not only does it help support your hair, skin, nails, joints, and tendons, but multi collagen protein powder can also help support activity and recovery. That way, you can keep moving all spring long without missing a step.

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